Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Roaming Delights of MidCoast Maine

Food Trucks and Road Side Shacks          

There are many great restaurants in Camden Maine and MidCoast. The brick and mortar establishments are great, but sometimes a more casual atmosphere is desired. The landscape of Maine makes outside and “roaming” dining ideal. Visitors have been coming to Vacationland for years to get the lobster right out of the sea. The fishmongers and their families have made roadside shacks and food trucks the ideal place to sell their daily hauls.  The fresh lobster and creative culinary can’t be beaten.  Since it might be said that man can not live on lobster alone, there are other food options popping up for travelers to discover. Camden Maine and the MidCoast are ideal for this type of dining because the views are phenomenal. Sitting in Rockport Harbor with a lobster roll from Graffam Bros or eating a famous Harbor Dog hot dog while watching the schooners set sail in Camden harbor are unique Maine experiences.

Here is a list of our favorite roadside, food trucks, and shacks in MidCoast Maine. These are in no particular order and there are more than are listed here. Roadside options in Camden Maine range from the breakfast pastry at Rosaly Joy’s Garage Bakery to the famous River Ducks Riverside Ice Cream Shack. Something for any time of the day.

 The places we chose are an easy walk or drive from the Captain Swift Inn.

For Lobster:
1.       Graffam Bros. Lobster Shack – The location on Union Street makes it ideal to grab and go to nearby Rockport Harbor. This family-run business has had a fish market in Rockport since 1946. The market place is open year round, the lobster shack is seasonal.

2.       Claws – This is a fun spot on Rt 1 in Rockland, South of the Inn. Many visitors forget that under the grittiness of Rockland there are fantastic views and lobster. This lobster joint has both. What is fun about this place is that it opens at 8:30 AM. If you are planning a day out or a picnic somewhere, stop here first, fill up the cooler and enjoy!

3.       McLaughlin’s Lobster Shack – To the North, we chose to highlight McLaughlin's, Lobster Shack. Located on Rt 1 in Lincolnville Beach, this location is unique in that you can watch the daily ferry pull away as you enjoy the local lobster. The food is prepared in purest ways.

Hot Dogs:
The debate about what kind of hot dog is best will be ongoing forever. The traditional New England Hotdog is the red one. If you have never had a red hot dog, it is time to try it.

1.       JJ’s Snack Shack is known for the creative toppings and names of the hot dogs. The owner is very chatty and a lot of fun.

2.       Harbor Dogs – A Camden Maine hot dog stand has been a staple on the harbor for over 50 years. The location can not be beaten.

3.       Wasses – The roadside Rt 1 locations of the area Wassas Hot Dogs are not visually ideal but the hot dogs are. The price and the tradition associated with these dogs is just right. You will see lines of people at every Wassas location in the MidCoast.

Healthy Food
There is only 1 in this category. Food Trucks and shacks are not commonly known for their healthy options, but here in Camden Maine, we have a healthy Smoothie Shack. Just a block down from the Inn, we highly recommend a stop at the Shack as you roam around downtown Camden Maine. A lot of attention is given to ingredients and combinations of fruits and vegetables.

Quick Lunch
1.       Scott’s Place – Walking distance from the Inn, this economical food option is quick and easy. Many locals frequent this location in the Reny’s shopping plaza parking lot.

2.       Rockport Harbor Food Bus. There are many things going on with this option. The first obvious one is that it is not a food truck but a school bus and that the owners, although they are known for their famous pizza, they chose to have a taco and quesadilla menu with some local baked goods. Both interesting features of this option combined with the ideal location of Rockport Harbor make it a fantastic choice.

There are many reasons to love the food truck and roadside culture. The food is usually cheap and gourmet, you get to meet the chefs and cooks, they provide freedom and creativity to their owners, usually located in convenient places and the food is amazing. In addition to this, we believe you really get a sense of the place. We hope this vacation you search out some, or all of these food trucks and meet the people that are running them. Adding these roadside gems to your agenda of things to do will be a unique experience and enhance your stay.