Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Fishing in MidCoast Maine

If you're vacationing in Camden, ME this summer, consider adding a fishing trip with a Master Maine Guide to your stay at the Captain Swift Inn. Camden, ME is a popular fishing destination due to its proximity to many lakes, ponds, and the Atlantic Ocean. When you embark on a fishing trip with a Master Maine Guide, you'll be able to soak up Maine's pristine outdoor scenery and create a lifetime of memories. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or a novice, there’s a fishing hole for you.

Types of Fishing in Maine

The Midcoast Maine area is known for three types of fishing: pike fishing, brook trout fishing, and striper fishing.

Pike Fishing

Pike are also known as water wolves or freshwater sharks. With strong, long bodies and razor-sharp teeth, they are relentless predators in the water. They thrive in cold waters, making Maine's coastal and fresh waters ideal habitats for them. Pike fishing is best in early spring and fall.

Brook Trout Fishing

Wild brook trout populations are decreasing throughout the United States, but they are thriving in Maine. They are most prevalent in Maine's interior highlands due to cooler water temperatures and less competition with non-native fish species. The best months for trout fishing are May and June, late September, October, and November.

Striper Fishing

Striped Bass is Maine's most well-known saltwater fish, although they can also be found in freshwater. They prefer water temperatures between 55° F and 68° F. They don't like sunlight and will retreat to deeper waters in the middle of the day during the warm summer months. Striper fishing is best in the early morning or evening when the light is low since this is when the stripers are most active near the surface of the water.

Places to Fish in Maine

There are plenty of places to fish in Maine, but your private fishing tour will take you to Saint George River and Seven Tree Pond.

Saint George River

Set against a backdrop of mountains and flowing through several lakes and ponds, the Saint George River in Thomaston spans 225 square miles. It is well-stocked with bass and trout. The Saint George River is also a popular destination for kayakers and canoers.

Seven Tree Pond

The Seven Tree Pond in Union spans 528 acres. Its waters can get as deep as 45 feet. Like the Saint George River, Seven Tree Pond is known for its bass and trout populations. Pickerel and white perch are also abundant.

Book Your Fishing Trip through Captain Swift Inn

Our unique fishing excursion package can be added to any reservation at Captain Swift Inn with a minimum of a one-night stay. You'll fish from an 18' Alumacraft center console boat and learn all about Maine's geography, wildlife, and history from your Master Maine Guide.

The package includes a Captain Swift Inn water bottle, a twill cap, and sunscreen. Lunch, water, and soft drinks will be provided. Enjoy a plate of tortilla chips, guacamole, and salsa along with a selection of local IPAs upon your return.

Tours are available between June 4, 2021, and September 26, 2021.

Contact us today to make a reservation and book your private fishing tour.