Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Lobsters and Lighthouses in MidCoast Maine

The winter season in Camden has been delightful. We enjoyed staying warm near the fireplace and sipping hot chocolate. At night our guests enjoyed live music at the Camden Opera House and during the day exceptional skiing at the Camden Snow Bowl. But, as the snow starts to melt, and the first crocuses appear, we look forward to warmer days. We have enjoyed talking to future guests about their summer reservations at the Inn. Many mention that they can’t wait to visit the Maine lighthouses and enjoy the lobster. We couldn’t agree more and want to share our lobsters and lighthouses itinerary.  The coastal Town of Camden is ideally located near 4 Maine lighthouses and has a plethora of lobster options.

How many Maine lighthouses can you see in a day?

There are 4 great and uniquely different lighthouses all within 25 miles of each other and from the Captain Swift Inn.

Start your day with our romantic and abundant candlelit breakfast. In addition to our bountiful buffet, you will enjoy a fruit plate and a scrumptious main course. After breakfast, either rent a rowboat for yourself or plan to sail on Schooner Olad or Schooner Surprise. The local schooners do not stop at Curtis Island but sail past Camden’s local lighthouse - Lighthouse #1: Curtis Island Lighthouse.  If you prefer not to go sailing and want to stay on land, take a short drive to Lighthouse Lookout.  Lighthouse Lookout is located in the beautiful residential neighborhood of Bayview Street. Finding Lighthouse Lookout is an adventure in itself.  Drive up Bayview Street to Beacon Road and look for the small green sign on a tree. Once at Lighthouse Lookout, there is a short trail to a cliff that looks out on Curtis Island. You will often see artists at this location painting the view. After visiting or viewing Curtis Lighthouse, drive south to lighthouse #2, Breakwater Lighthouse – This lighthouse is a wonderful walk out on a granite jetty. The waterway near the Breakwater Lighthouse is home to many lobster traps. As you walk out to the point you can often see lobstermen motoring between buoys pulling their traps. While in Rockland, add a little lighthouse history to your day, and visit the Maine Lighthouse Museum in the downtown.  Next, make your way to lighthouse #3 Owls Head Lighthouse - enjoy the view and walk around the nearby park. Last but not least - head down to Port Clyde to see Lighthouse #4 - The Marshall Point Lighthouse. This iconic Port Clyde lighthouse was featured in the famous movie “Forest Gump”.  Finish the lighthouse tour with an old fashion lobster dinner at Miller’s Lobster Pound.

Return to the Captain Swift Inn and relax. At the end of your lighthouse and lobster day, you will have lots of pictures and stories to share with your friends on Instagram and other social networks. Grab a drink, sit by the outside fire pit, compose your posts and share away! 

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