Saturday, August 3, 2019

Camden Maine and the Captain Swift Inn Celebrate Labor Day & The Windjammer Festival

Labor Day weekend marks the ushering in of the Fall season and the many travelers visiting Maine’s MidCoast to catch a glimpse of the vibrant colors that fill our landscape.  It also pays tribute to the working-class men and women in our country. And if that is not enough, Camden also hosts the annual Windjammer Festival Labor Day Weekend.

During the nineteenth century, Camden Maine was known as a port for major modes of transportation such as the schooners, sloops and scows year-round. When the steamship came on the scene, the other vessels lost their place on the sea. Captain Frank Swift, who was the second owner of our property – had the vision to re-purpose these ships, which were only used to transport cargo, and make them available for passenger travel.  With that idea the Maine Windjammer Cruises was born and offered multiple day sailing trips for scenic tourism adventures. Today, those adventures continue and two of Captain Frank’s ships still sails as part of the new fleet – The Grace Bailey and The Mercantile, now under the current owners, Ray and Ann Williamson.

Camden Maine is a hub for historic schooners and known as the Windjammer capital of the world. To this day, the town of Camden appreciates the heritage of the Windjammers and those who want to experience a few days at sea. The festival celebrates the windjammers and the industry that has developed around it. Thousands of people travel to Camden on Labor Day Weekend to celebrate the sailing days of yesteryear. The festival kicks off with the arrival of the windjammers in Camden harbor under a parade of sail. There are many events scheduled for the weekend. In the public parking lot and harbor park, there is a maritime heritage fair, pancake breakfast on the harbor, lobster crate race, chowder challenge, free concerts and schooner crew talent shows. A grand firework show kicks off the weekend on Friday night.
The Captain Swift Inn is walking distance to all the activities and village shops and restaurants are open all weekend. After a full day of activities, come and relax on our deck or by the fire pit, sipping a cocktail from our bar. A homemade candlelit breakfast is served the next morning to get you started on your weekend of celebration.


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